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KPP Summer Games Eletrolyte

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Scientifically formulated to replace what horses lose when they sweat.

Summer Games Electrolyte is an oral electrolyte and trace mineral supplement for all horses. Formulated using the results of extensive research studies investigating the composition of sweat, Summer Games Electrolyte contains key electrolytes and trace minerals in the actual amounts that are present in equine sweat.



1 scoop = 1 oz of Summer Games Electrolyte

Summer Games can be used as a daily supplement. Because of its concentrated formula it is easy to adjust the level of supplementation to meet your horse’s individual needs. The amount of supplementation will depend on the level of work and the intensity of the heat and humidity the horse is working in.

Level of work Normal Environment (oz/day) Hot, Humid Environment (oz/day)
Rest 0 1
Light Work 1 1-2
Moderate Work 2 2-3
Heavy Work 3 3-4


INGREDIENTS ( in 1oz serving size )

Calcium 170 mg

Phosphorus 150 mg

Salt 16.7 g

Magnesium 160 mg

Potassium 3.5 g

Copper 10 mg

Iron 52 mg

Manganese 4 mg

Zinc 25 mg

Available Sizes:

  • 5-lb container (80-day supply for 1 horse at 1 scoop per day)