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Rhinestone Acres Representation

Find one of our team members down the road at a barrel race, CCA rodeo or a breakaway jackpot. We are proud to stand behind fifteen competitors who use and love our products on their equine partners.

Rhinestone Acres Team Members

Krystal Grad

As the proud owners of KSJ Performance Horses, my husband Kyle and I specialize in training and jockeying futurity colts across Canada and the U.S. Our family includes two wonderful kids: Keltyn, a sports fanatic who excels in football, baseball, and basketball, and Klancee, who shares my passion for horses and barrel racing.

We're honored to continue our partnership with Rhinestone Acres this year. Our connection with Tammi and her family goes way back to my clinics, where I had the pleasure of teaching her daughter Avery. Tammi's dedication to our horses' performance is unmatched, and we're confident in using and promoting the high-quality products available at Rhinestone Acres, knowing they have Tammi's stamp of approval.

Bailey Gardner

I'm Bailey Gardner, excited to join the Rhinestone Acres Team for the 2024 season. With over a decade in the barrel racing and rodeo community, it's been a big part of my life. Now, as a Community Engagement Manager for the Jim Pattison Children Hospital Foundation after finishing my education at the University of Saskatchewan, I'm eager for the season ahead.

Partnering with my mare, PayDay, we're set for another year of competition in Saskatchewan and Alberta, including SBRA events, KCRA, and CCA rodeos. Rhinestone Acres products like Hay Chix nets and San Equine have been essential to our routine, providing excellent results. Grateful for this partnership and the chance to showcase these fantastic products throughout the season.

Marla Grad

I've been immersed in the world of horse showing since a young age, progressing from gymkhana to rodeos. My focus lies primarily in barrel racing and team roping, both of which have opened numerous doors for me. From competing in barrel futurities in Rapid City, SD, to participating in rodeos across SK, MB, and AB, and even making appearances at prestigious events like the North American Rodeo Commission Finals in Denver, CO, my journey has been filled with exciting opportunities.

Not only do I relish the thrill of competition, but I also find immense joy in sharing my passion with my family and friends. Being a two-time CCA Finals qualifier in Ladies Barrel Racing is a testament to my dedication and love for the sport, and I look forward to continuing to pursue excellence while cherishing the connections I make along the way.

Rana Beierbach

I'm Rana Beierbach, an eighteen-year-old senior from Whitewood, Saskatchewan, deeply immersed in barrel racing for seven years. I've proudly represented the Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Association, achieving third place at the Canadian High School Rodeo and competing nationally. In both barrel racing and pole bending, I've clinched wins and consistent top-five placements at rodeos, including KCRA where I've qualified for finals. Additionally, I've served as SHSRA's Secretary and currently hold the position of Vice President, always eager to assist others and learn from their experiences. Partnered with my dedicated mare, Lainey, my goal for the 2024 season is to conquer challenges while ensuring she performs at her peak. Ready for whatever comes our way, we're prepared to shine in the arena.

Nina Zakaluzny

My name is Nina Zakaluzny, and this marks my final year competing in the pee wee events. I'm thrilled to be sponsored by Rhinestone Acres for the second year in a row. My love for barrel racing continues to grow, and every ride brings new lessons. The thrill of speeding up with each run is exhilarating, but it's the connections and friendships I've made in the sport that truly matter.

My aspirations remain unchanged: I dream of becoming both a barrel racer and a veterinarian when I grow up. Animals are my passion, and I believe they enrich our lives just as much as we do theirs. With each stride, I'm one step closer to fulfilling my dreams and making a difference in the lives of animals.

Alicin Braun

At 34 years young, Ally's horse journey began in Willow Bunch, Sk, inspired by her grandpa, a respected horse trainer. Alongside her roles as a mom and medical office assistant, Ally is a dedicated horse trainer and coach, empowering others to succeed in the arena.

Barrel racing is central to Ally's life, but her true passion lies in empowering fellow riders. With her guidance, many have achieved their dreams. Ally's bond with her main barrel horse, Marti, is deep. Together, they've conquered the arena, consistently delivering impressive performances. Thanks to Rhinestone Acres products, Marti has seen remarkable improvements, shaving off seconds and achieving greater success. With RA's support, Ally aims to push their limits further in the 2024 season!

Keely Sutherland

I'm a Professional Trick Rider with the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association. My passion for trick riding ignited when I was ten, witnessing performances at the Grande Prairie Stampede. Inspired, I sought lessons from Rae Lynn Armstrong in Brooks, Alberta, despite living nine hours away from the closest trainer. With determination, I trained my horse and myself, debuting at my first rodeo at fourteen. Over the past 13 years, I've traveled across Canada, performing at prestigious rodeos and achieving milestones like being named the Canadian Open Trick Riding Champion in 2019. Outside of trick riding, I'm a full-time Journeyman Hairstylist, Salon Owner, and Lifestyle/Wedding Photographer. Despite a hectic schedule, I cherish every moment of my busy lifestyle.

Gabriella Lorenz

Gabby Lorenz, 13, from Wilkie, SK, is in her second year as a Rhinestone Acres sponsored rider. With a lifelong love for horses and competing since age 3, she rides Duke, Jag, and Radar in various events across KCRA, SBRA, SHSRA, and CCA. Gabby's a multi-sport athlete, clinching titles like Canadian Reserve HSR Pole Bending Champion in 2023. Her goals this season include HSR Nationals qualification, roping improvement, and training Duke for poles. With Rhinestone Acres support, she's excited to explore top-notch products like Equifuse, Alliance Equine, Gale Beebee, Hay Chix, Equiwinner, Flair Strips, and Flexi Neb, enhancing her performance. Gabby's relentless dedication and positive mindset continue to drive her success in the saddle.

Jayda Welsh

My name is Jayda Welsh, and I'm a 15-year-old barrel racer from Meadow Lake, SK. Last year, I also started breakaway roping, adding another exciting dimension to my rodeo journey. Alongside my mom, we're a dynamic team, constantly on the road with our trailer full of horses, heading to jackpots and rodeos across the region.

Rhinestone Acres has been instrumental in helping me care for my equine partners. Their range of high-quality products ensures that my horses look and feel their best, whether we're in the arena or training at home. Being selected to represent Rhinestone Acres for the 2024 season is truly an honor, and I'm excited to showcase their products while pursuing my passion for barrel racing and breakaway roping.

Payton Cutul

In the upcoming 2024 season, my main focus is on qualifying for both the WRA and LRA finals, aiming for consistent clean runs with my paint mare, Roo. Roo's backstory is fascinating - originally a cutting horse, she seamlessly transitioned to barrel racing and even won the 1D youth Big Bang event in 2022 after just one month of training on the barrel pattern.

Among the fantastic products offered by Rhinestone Acres, my favorite is their Flexineb solutions. Using their nebulizer for over a year has significantly improved Roo's well-being, particularly with her bleeding issues. I'm eagerly awaiting the new immo-red product, confident it will further enhance Roo's performance.

Robyn Lelond

I'm Robyn Lelond, managing a grain and cattle farm in Arrow River, Manitoba, with my husband Luke and our three active sons. My passion for horses began in Neepawa, riding my pony Lady and exploring trails in Riding Mountain.

Five years ago, I delved into barrel racing, gaining invaluable knowledge and discovering a love for colt starting. Now, I'm excited to futurity my first colt next year. When not tending to farm chores or shuttling my kids to sports events, I'm in the saddle.

Thrilled to join the Rhinestone Acres team for 2024, I'll be competing with my horses, Jacs Sippin Whiskey (Scotch) and Spracklelikehollywood (Faith), in MBRA, SBRA, and possibly CCA rodeos. Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable 2024 season!

Robyn Hoover

I'm Robyn Hoover, and barrel racing has been my passion since I was barely tall enough to reach the saddle. From winning the Breeders Elite Futurity with my mare, Rumour, to competing at various prestigious events like CCA Finals and KCRA Finals, my journey has been exhilarating. When I'm not in the arena, I'm working on pipelines during the winter, allowing me the flexibility to pursue my passion and share my knowledge with others. The barrel racing community has introduced me to incredible people who share my dedication, and I'm grateful for the friendships and experiences horses have brought into my life.

Christine Mehling

I'm Christine Mehling, a farmer, mother, and barrel racing enthusiast based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Growing up with horses, I developed a passion for equine therapy and holistic health practices. Inspired by my parents, I aim to instill the same values in my daughter, Korra.

Barrel racing became a serious pursuit after university, and alongside our farming venture, Mehling Farm and Ranch, we now have a herd of ten horses. Competing in various rodeo circuits, I'm thrilled to join Rhinestone Acres for the 2024 season. Their support and top-notch products align perfectly with my values as I pursue my dreams with the support of my family and community.

Bonnie Huhn

At just four years old, I stood mesmerized by the thundering ground at the Falkland Stampede, where my love affair with barrel racing began. Despite years focused on education and career growth, I've never lost sight of my passion for competing. Now, I'm returning to barrel racing with three incredible horses: Rebel, Ray, and PAC.

Beyond the arena, my other passion lies in mental health. I'm fortunate to integrate equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning programs into my career, blending my love for horses with my dedication to mental wellness. I'm deeply grateful to Rhinestone Acres for sponsoring me!

Cassidy Meister

I'm Cassidy, a 21-year-old from Warman, SK, with a deep passion for horses and animal welfare. My journey with riding began at 10 years old during a summer camp, and since then, I've worked hard to own my mare, Whiskey. We compete at jackpots and have recently started entering rodeos.

Currently in my second year of university at UofS, I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian. Animals are a significant part of my life, inspiring me to advocate for their well-being. This passion led me to rescue two cats, Soup and Tomato, while working at a veterinary clinic. I'm thrilled to partner with Rhinestone Acres, sharing their values in providing top-quality products for our equine partners.

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